Five Ways to Stay Committed Despite the Odds

Friday, January 4

Commitment connotes an obligation, or a pledge or promise you personally make without any external push to do the same.

Whether to God, in relationships, our responsibilities, a change of habits, or goals, we have at a point committed to one thing, person or event.

Think of climbing a mountain. I did that recently and was shocked at how 2,780 m (9,180 ft) turned out to be a challenge. In the journey I experienced shortness of breath, headache, body weakness and nausea. Despite it all, I committed myself to finish the ascent. The sights were amazing, I made friends and sticking it through was well worth it at the end.

Photo Credit: Tim Brauhn via Photo Pin

How can we stay committed despite insurmountable odds? Let us consider these five ways that will help us in stay committed:

  1. Be Content

Life is really a journey of climbing mountains per say. There are two options for rating our experience, either by the journey during the climb or the destination which is the top of the mountain. Think of a goal to lose weight – we either enjoy the daily jogging regime (journey) or have aching pains of not attaining an ideal weight (destination).

Most times we base our contentment on the destination we desire to reach in a future time. “I will be contented when I reach the cliff...” Sooner or later, you will get to your destination.

True contentment is in the now, during the journey to the top. Enjoy the climb, gasp at the scenery, and bask in your progress.

I've learned that everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it.

  1. Avoid Making Comparisons
Why do we compare ourselves with others, as if one of us is better and another worse? I find comparisons really a reflection on our own personal insecurities.

It is good to read biographies and learn from people – desire to emulate their good traits.

Each of us is an original. So our journeys and circumstances unique. Compete with yourself if you must.

  1. Keep Hope Alive
Hope is a joyful expectation that looks past the present circumstances. Hope says “It's possible”, even when all else seems lost.

  1. ACT on Knowledge
Many accumulate knowledge and stack it up in a physical library of books or in their brains which can store a staggering amount of data, facts and figures.

If you never ACT on that knowledge it would be just as good as if you never had it in the first place. Mentally waiting on things to magically change without your participation – is too presumptuous on your part.

The acronym ACT may help in handling knowledge – choose to Apply, Change or Teach something from every aspect of knowledge accumulated.

  1. Nurture Discipline
Apathy is an indifference to what we learn or know and lethargy is laziness towards the same.

In sharp contrast, discipline means doing what you need to do especially when you don't feel like it. Nurture discipline to stay committed while watching against apathy and lethargy.

Proverbs 16:3
Roll your works upon the LORD [commit and trust them wholly to Him; He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, and] so your plans shall be established and succeed.
(Amplified Version)

Do you encounter difficulties with keeping commitments? How else can you stay committed in your journey?

Happy New Year to every one of my readers.
2012 was a great year being my first in blogging. I appreciate each of you for reading, the feedback and the support you have offered me.
I pray that 2013 will certainly be greater for all of us. I thank God for the opportunity to yet again share with you. May we continue to be an encouragement to each other.


  1. These are great points, Maureen. I love the contentment one. If we're not content along the way we'll give up.

    I also like to climb mountains but it's always easier for me when I'm in shape to begin with and when I'm climbing it with a friend or family member so we can visit with each other, which keeps my mind off of how hard it is. I think reaching goals is also easier if we do it with a friend and if we begin the goal reaching process spiritually fit - close to God. Otherwise it's too easy to make the goal more important than God.

    What I've realized with my own goals, is that pursuing them often reveals weaknesses in my life and in my walk with God that I might not have realized had I not pursued the goal. The goal then gives me an opportunity to work on those weaknesses and grow closer to God in the process.

    Hope you are enjoying the new year, Maureen - look forward to reading your blogs this year!

  2. Excellent list and excellent advice for a guide to life. Self discipline is key, but with the wrong attitude won't bring peace and joy. Rarely do I hear or read about acting on knowledge. Once we have the knowledge or wisdom and don't act on it, I believe it's like poison to our souls. God reveals things for the purpose of us acting on it and being a blessing to others and receiving His blessings as well.

    Great post. A 9,180' mountain? My knees hurt just thinking about i!

  3. Hi Barb,

    You are right about when we are content, it is easier to stay on track and motivated.

    I love your addition. You have used the mountain climb example perfectly. I had not kept fit before the trip. That was one reason why it was harder for my body to adapt.

    Friends who share our passions are a great way to keep us accountable and also encourage us along the way. I love your point about keeping spiritually fit. Truth is without God we can do nothing; and with Him nothing is impossible.

    Setting goals does reveal weaknesses, like maybe perfectionism. I love your point. What I understand you saying is that setting goals also helps us know ourselves better and in our walk with God.

    I am enjoying the new year, thanks. Hoping you too. I have great anticipations.
    Truly appreciate you sharing your heart with us. I learn a lot from you. May God bless you Barb. I look forward to connecting with you more this year.

  4. Hi Floyd,

    It was 9,108' my bad. I had written the number 72' more, hopefully that eases the pain your knees felt or would feel :) but the mountain was a really steep climb.

    I had not heard about the attitude part when it comes to discipline. It's got me thinking. Wow. Your point on our souls and inaction is great. I need to meditate on that more. Quite true that God wants to use us but we need to act on what He reveals.

    I appreciate you adding and sharing with us.

  5. Along with hope I would add belief. Both hope and belief is essential when it comes to moving forward and fulfilling our commitments.

    I make it a point to stay have commitments in the area of my purpose, talents, and passions. I found if I make a commitment that is in those areas I have the drive and perseverance to fulfill it.

    Great post and I'm looking forward to reading your blog in 2013!!!

  6. Hi Dan,

    Belief is essential, agreed. Faith goes along with hope.

    I love your point as well. Passion energizes us and therefore it gets easier to stay committed.

    I was also thinking in terms of making commitments in areas where you are not necessarily passionate about but engage in. Maybe like being committed to excellence in a job even if you are not passionate about it e.g climbing a mountain is not really easy and fun on the body but the rewards if you make it to the top far outweigh the problems encountered.

    Thanks for reading and sharing. Looking forward to connecting with you on more about leadership in 2013. God bless you in this new year.

  7. You must have read my mind, Maureen - perfectionism! It's definitely one of the faults God has revealed to me through writing. I'm trying to set some boundaries on it now so I have time to do the things God wants me to do.

    I never thought of it that way but you're right - setting goals does help us know ourselves better. Interesting!

    I also have great anticipations for the new year. God is incredibly good, isn't He?

  8. He is. God is good ~ all the time and that is His nature.

    I have followed your journey on the blogging series and God revealed pretty awesome stuff about not seeking approval.

    'Time to do what God wants me to do' reminds me of 1 Peter 4:1-2 (MSG) ~ Since Jesus went through
    everything you're going through
    and more, learn to think like him.
    Think of your sufferings as a
    weaning from that old sinful
    habit of always expecting to get
    your own way. Then you'll be
    able to live out your days free to
    pursue what God wants instead of
    being tyrannized by what you

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow, I LOVE that! Thank you so much for that encouragement! I'm going to write that verse in my journal in the Message translation.

  10. You are welcome Barb. Thanks as well.

  11. ACT on knowledge! I have never heard that acronym before now. Apply, change or teach! I will remember that bit of advice and act upon it!!!!!

  12. I was also taught that acronym last year Karen. And I ACTed on it by teaching it to others.

    All the best as you ACT :) Appreciate you reading and sharing.

  13. Got it. We all have tasks and areas we have to do even though we might not be passionate about them. Perfect example about a job. We need money and go even if it's not an area of passion.

    Same with me. Looking forward to connecting, learning from each other, and help each other move forward.

  14. It's great that we are on the same page about that. You said it quite well.
    Moving forward, I agree on that! Thanks Dan

  15. Thank you for finding my blog, it lead me to yours and I enjoyed reading this post.

    This part really spoke to me, " Enjoy the climb," Thank you. I needed to hear that today!

    God bless and I look forward to reading more of your work.

  16. You are welcome TC, it was a delightful read at your blog.

    "Enjoy the climb" are words that remind us all that we can have fun even in the midst of difficult circumstances. That is what the joy of LORD does.

    God bless you too, it's great to have you here. I look forward to connecting more with you. Thanks for reading and sharing!

  17. You're welcome. Have a blessed weekend!

  18. Keep hope alive is my personal mantra !
    Love it.

  19. @8679adddbe038dc7a5897dcd99f14de2:disqus we share that in common. Great to have you here. Thanks for reading and sharing!

  20. mwalimu4life.wordpress.com19 February 2013 at 15:01

    I stumbled on this blog today and i am encouraged by what it offers...keep up the good work and be blessed!

  21. Hi Mwalimu,

    I am glad you stumbled on the blog! Thank you for reading and the encouragement to continue. I am uplifted by your words.
    God bless you too.

  22. Please find time and visit mine too on:
    Thanx n b blest!

  23. I have checked out your blog Harrie, thanks for sharing with us.

    Let's keep writing and leading more to God!

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