Dreaming Awake

Wednesday, July 18

Each of us has dreams.
Of a better tomorrow.
Not of a better yesterday.
Yesterday is gone, so we dream of tomorrow.
Some of us dream only while sleeping.
Some when awake.
Big or small, all are dreams.
Mental pictures of what we envision.

I had big dreams as a child. 
Back then we celebrated each others dreams.
Now we just laugh with our mouths.
Our hearts cry in secret.
We still desire that the dreams have a chance.

I watch those living their dreams with awe.
As if they are an alien species.
Unconscious of the journey,
Of perseverance in the storms.

Some say their dreams died.
I just buried mine alive.
Along with that dreamer child,
I will exhume them today.

Martin Luther Jr. said, “I have a dream.”
That dream came true.
You see I now understand.
Dreams don't die,
We just bury them alive.

Declare your dream,
Set the sails,
Change direction when necessary,
Don't lose sight of the dream.

Believe in the dream becoming reality,
And God the giver of the dream,
Start dreaming again,
Impossibility is only in the mind.

With untapped potential,
Dreamers cultivate patience,
Work on the dream against the storm,
And don't give up!


  1. Selah!

    Powerful post JepB

    "Dreams don't die,
    We just bury them alive.'

    How true!

    God has given us this capacity to dream, to see beyond today and have a picture of tomorow. That capacity never dies, we just ignore it, bury it forget it. But it's always there, it never goes.


  2. Dreams don't die indeed, we just need to let God lead us through the process, especially through the storms of life. That means keeping hope alive, I believe dreams keep getting bigger with God.

    I have an honest question, what is the meaning of Selah? I have never quite understood its meaning.

    I really appreciate you reading and the input you give. Keep awakening the dream!

  3. The word selah is found mostly in the book of psalms.

    it's used widely to mean 'to pause and think". although there are other meanings

    Here is a link with more info http://www.gotquestions.org/selah.html

  4. Wow thanks for that. I've definitely added a word to my vocabulary. We do need to pause and think often.

  5. hey, just read one of my regular blogs and guess what, Alison was talking about 'Selah' this week. What a coincidence! You can check it out too, she's done a great job of breaking it down :)


  6. I love the thought that dreams do not die, we just bury them alive. Beautiful and so true. How can they die when they are God-birthed?

  7. Could it be we forget who birthed those dreams in us hence we bury them? God keeps his promises, hence the dream/ vision will come to pass, though it tarries.

    Thanks Tolu for reading and sharing.


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