Excited to Guest Post at the Intentional Today Blog

Thursday, November 8

Today I am honored to be a Guest Blogger for Ngina Otiende at the Intentional Today blog where I share that Change Begins With Me.

Ngina is a writer and trainer who loves helping others take charge of their lives. She has a passion to see people reach their full potential through intentional growth and relationships. She is married to her hero and they live in Maryland. You can check out her blog Intentional Today, find her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

This is an excerpt from the post:

"Don't change the player, change the game." I recently heard these words in a movie. So often  in life, I want the players to change.

Not me.


For example, I want my boss and colleagues to change. At home, I want my siblings to change.

Yet in all these circumstances...I happen to be the common factor  - the only person that can actually change.

Without further ado, again here is the link to the post.

I appreciate you dropping by, whether or not this is your first time on this blog. Feel free to read the previous posts. Thank you.


  1. Thanks for sharing your insights with us Maureen. Love hosting you on my site.

  2. Hi Ngina,

    You are welcome. I appreciate the opportunity to share on your platform. I enjoyed the experience :)


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