Trying is Not Failing, Failing is not Trying

Thursday, June 14

But the waves are calling out my name and they laugh at me,
Reminding me of all the times I've tried before and failed.
The waves they keep on telling me,
Time and time again. “Boy, you'll never win!”
You'll never win.”

Lyrics of the song, “Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns”

Have you tried your hand at something recently and failed? I would like to introduce us to a new concept today. The concept is: 'If you tried, you have not failed.' Failure is not trying at all. You may choose to NOT TRY hence FAIL because of fear of failure or past failures.

Many of us have dreams. The definition of a dream is an aspiration or ambition that seem as ideals. The dreams remain just that until we put action into achieving the dreams. You have to have deadlines as to when to achieve them; the dreams then cease to be just dreams but measurable goals.

The hardest part of execution of any goal is starting. We think of the risk of failure and distance ourselves from even the thought of starting, we ask, “What if I fail?”. There are always two sides of the coin, just as there is failure, there is also success. Have you ever counted the number of letters of each of these two words? Both have seven letters which means there is an equal chance of occurrence of either success or failure. Instead ask, “What if I succeed?”

The question today is, “Have you tried doing to do something with what you have now?” Don't quit before you try otherwise you fail. Let's assume you don't succeed, every time you face obstacles and difficulties, let them instruct you as opposed to obstructing you. The obstacles tell you how not to go about it the next time you try.

Don't stop trying!

Have you heard of Thomas Edison known mostly for his invention of the light bulb? He tried 10,000 times before he got it right. Do you think you would have been able to stand those number of tries until the finish? In a race, it is not about how many times you fell along the way, or even the hurdles you had to get through. It is about those who made it to the finish line.

Always remember, you are going through the race to the finish line. Start the race, fall and stand up again. Many fall along the tracks in the race and stay down. Choose to stand, dust yourself off and continue running even with more vigor than the last time. Choose to try. Try again and continue trying. That is really what the journey to success entails.

Choose the voice you will listen today. Is it the waves that remind you, “You'll never win” or is it the voice that says, “You'll win, just try and continue trying.”?

Joshua 1:9 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go."


  1. Failing is definitely not trying. To me, every attempt at trying is already success, no matter what the outcome. The story of Thomas Edison's invention always inspires me :)

  2. Awesome post Jep..

    We so often forget that failure is not the up is!

    Am so blessed by your words. Thank you for sharing

  3. Thanks Ngina, giving up is always easier than trying again. Failure occurs when we give up as you've said.

    I am happy you are blessed. May God continually help us stand up every time we fall. Much love.

  4. I have seen a lot of people who allowed their failure to stop them. The key is to learn from what happened and then have the courage to keep moving forward. Those who are successful have failed but keep going. Great post.

  5. "Those who are successful have failed but keep going", I have to agree with you on that. It is a choice we have to make daily, decide that the fall isn't the end. I love these three words : "Keep Moving Forward!"

    Thanks Dan for reading and sharing.

  6. Hi Jennifer,

    Just now found a way to link blogger comments with those on Disqus. Thanks for reading and sharing.


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