Open and Uncut (Plus a giveaway of an Ebook, SELAH)

Friday, February 8

I am humbled and glad to be part of the launch team of a Christian devotional, SELAH: A 90-Day Journey of Grace and Hope written by my online friend, Joseph Iregbu.

I would love that you kindly download a sample of the book - the First 7 Days of the devotional from this link:
Just as the name suggests, you will daily take time to pause and calmly think on each day’s topic. You will also be filled with the grace and hope that only God can give. Joseph took a seven year journey to write this devotional, I believe it will be a blessing for you and will be worth your while.

Are you real? Are you authentic?
In an imperfect and fast paced world, where we have love and hate, joy and sorrow, hope and hopelessness – it comes back to you and the choices you make as you journey through life.
Please pause and calmly think about this question: “Who am I?”
How did you answer that? Did you say daughter/ son, father/ mother, a sojourner…the answers to this question are as varied and broad as they get.
My next question is, “Who are you outside of the roles that you play?” Are you defined by the position you play in the workplace, home, and community?
Whose expectations do you live for?”
What is success to you?”
Have you ever failed? Does that make you a failure?”
When will you consider yourself as successful?”
Do you have dreams?”
When you die, will you have lived a full life – done all that you were born to?”
Do you think you are valuable?”
Do you add value to the world – in your relationships, at your workplace, in the community?”
Are you a difference maker in this world?”

“We are often good at masking our pain with fake smiles, raised hands in shallow worship and timid confessions of faith. We must learn to be open and real.” Joseph Iregbu, Author of SELAH: A 90-Day Journey of Grace and Hope

This year, I am launching into the deep. In purpose fulfillment, writing, giving hope, relationships and living a life that matters. The path that I know God is leading me this year is to launch into the deep seas where there could be storms, more danger in the waters, and turbulent winds. I believe the boat is safe. I believe that I am safe. My Savior sits with me in the boat resting. Effortlessly, He shall speak calmly, “Peace be still.”
We shall continue to declare that we have no regrets, no fear, no shame and no anger. In the coming months, I shall walk with you on the journey to find your authentic self and answering the above questions – hopefully with more clarity.
I pray that each word I share will be an encouragement. I also welcome you to share your life lessons with us. I am no expert, but I have a passion to help you journey through life with renewed hope and live an impactful life.
Join me in coming posts as we answer these and many more questions. I value your feedback and your support as you read and share.
Are you real? Are you authentic? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Hebrews 4:12-13 Expanded Bible (EXB)

12 [For] God’s word is alive and ·working [active; powerful; effective] and is sharper than a double-edged sword. It ·cuts all the way into us, where the soul and the spirit are joined, to the center of our joints and bones [penetrates until it divides even soul and spirit, joints and marrow]. And it ·judges [discerns] the ·thoughts [ideas] and ·feelings [attitudes; intentions] in our hearts. 13 ·Nothing in all the world [Nothing in all creation; or No creature] can be hidden from God. Everything is ·clear [naked] and ·lies open before him [exposed to his eyes], and to him we must ·explain the way we have lived [give an account; answer].


  1. Thanks @22f43789fc6c1598ee4ab9b578d1da78:disqus. SELAH is such an inspirational journey. I pray that many will be blessed through it. I appreciate you reading and sharing!

  2. Thanks @dasarg55:disqus. Good to have you here. I appreciate you reading and sharing!

  3. After a huge part of my life being less than real, I've come to embrace it. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I seek God and His revelation in my life. The hardest questions are only hard if we really stop and ponder them. Those are definitely tough questions. Hmmmm.

    I'll check out Joseph's new book. How can it be bad? That's my youngest daughter's name...

  4. Selah sounds like a great book!

    To an amazing 2013!

  5. It's a great book Ngina. Hope you get to read it.

    Amen to an amazing 2013, I am elated at the possibilities, they are endless. Thanks for reading and sharing.

  6. Hi Floyd,

    I really thought I replied to your comment, but oh well :) Nice name for your daughter, that's awesome. So yes, Joseph's book is a gem, not bad at all!

    As we ponder on the tough questions, we shall be depend on God to reveal to us the answers. I am also embracing my real self - aligning to all that God created me to be - it's a continuous journey. How glorious when Christ returns - we shall be all we were meant to be.

    I appreciate you reading and sharing with us.

  7. Thanks Ngina and Maureen! Great to know you two.

  8. Hi Floyd,

    That is a great name you gave your daughter :) and yes Joseph's book is great. You have to sample it to know though!

    I perceive authenticity from your posts. Seeking God is the path to true authenticity, He will help us face these tough questions and answer from His perspective.

    Your post 'Land Lubber' was my message to launch into the deep. I appreciate you. Thanks for reading and sharing.

  9. I'm honored to share and fellowship with you and others on our sites. All fellowship is good. Iron sharpens iron. I'm sharper for having met you. Thanks.

  10. Thanks as well @selahblog:disqus. You are a blessing

  11. Such humbling words, thank you Floyd. Iron sharpens iron indeed.

  12. So i have subscribed..... Lets see how it goes :)

    Visit us at some point.

  13. Hi @8679adddbe038dc7a5897dcd99f14de2:disqus ,

    Thanks for subscribing to the blog. I believe we can all learn from each other.

    I will definitely check out your blog. The name is interesting. I appreciate you reading and sharing your blog with us!

  14. Cheers to that :-) thank you. To a greater life serving others @3dabf8f7078652fa32f65c3ead895fcd:disqus


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